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Online Ordering Made to Perfection with Domino’s Pizza

online orderingYou may not like their pizza but Domino’s has online ordering and delivery down to a science. Domino’s has been blazing the trail in the food delivery space for superior online ordering and delivery tracking capabilities.

It’s simple, quick and you don’t need to create an account to place an order, eliminating another username and password. Ordering from your smart phone, tablet, or workstation is quick and simple.

The system ensures accurate and correct orders, uniform in quality and always on time.

With so many food delivery services its makes you wonder why others haven’t taken pointers from Domino’s which ranks as the 14th largest brand in the Quick Service Restaurant space.

They have built a robust but simple and easy to navigate online ordering system that keeps their customers literally up to date minute by minute once you have placed you order.

Placing an order is simple, very straight forward and walks your through their menu and options allowing to select your items along the way. Once you complete your order you will receive an email confirming receipt of order and a link to track the progress of your food. Domino’s has a clever thermometer gauge showing you the progress of your food from order placed to prep to bake to box and then onto delivery. The thermometer progresses in real time as Domino team members are building and preparing your order in the store. Once your food is ready and it leaves for delivery the systems tells you who your driver is, what time they left, and their ETA.

I never wait more than 30 mins for any Domino’s delivery. It is always correct and always the same great thin crust pepperoni and bacon pizza I love.

Today Domino’s stock price sits at $218 and shows a steady and positive growth rate over the last 5 years. Founded in 1960 by  Tom Monaghan in Ann Arbor Township Charter, Michigan. Today Domino’s CEO is J. Patrick Doyle.


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