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Port of Long Beach Investing $14 Billion in Zero Emissions Technology

Port Long Beach Investing $14 Billion Zero Emissions TechnologyThis nations second busiest port, the Port of Long Beach is investing $14 billion in zero emissions technology and upgrades over the next two decades. The port a joins the Port of Los Angeles the busiest port in the U.S. contributing to increased air pollution and posing serious health concerns.

Over the last decade diesel reductions have occurred but the port remains to be Southern California’s largest single source of air pollution.

Largely due to international trade tripling over the last 20 years in volume fueling the dramatic increase in pollution.

Right now 79 percent of the Port of Long Beach’s fuel comes from diesel. Higher than the Port of Los Angeles at 66 percent of its fuel coming from diesel. Less than 9 percent is zero emissions currently at the Port of Long Beach.

Anything running on diesel will be replaced with with zero emissions cargo handling technology.

Cargo equipment burning the most diesel like trucks, cranes, tractors and forklifts will be replaced first. Followed by non essentials until the whole port achieves zero emissions.

$180 billion in cargo passes through the Port of Long Beach every year through 175 shipping lanes connecting long beach to 217 different seaports. Producing thousand of jobs in and around the area.

Port Long Beach Investing $14 Billion Zero Emissions Technology

This is a major project for the port as it touts itself as “The Green Port” and an example for other ports looking to reduce its emissions footprint.

Greenhouse gases are to be reduced by more than 1,300 tons and reducing diesel consumption by an estimated 270,000 gallons.

Last month Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti pledged to bring both ports to zero emissions.

This tech project will compliment Mayor Garcetti’s already existing programs like The Tech Talent Pipeline which support building the youth technology community and women in technology.

This project will span two decades and will help support the growing technology community in the Los Angeles area.


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