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PR Software Eliminating Email Management and Connecting Trusted Media Outlets to Fact Checked Experts

Press Demand — a PR SaaS program that enables entrepreneurs, influencers, businesses, agencies and charities to gain publicist support and access to the top PR agency in the United States, aims to disrupt and change the PR industry by improving the pitching experience for both media and pitchers alike.

The dashboard-focused software will help connect trusted media outlets, including TV hosts, online media outlets, radio personalities and podcasters, to pitchers who want to contribute their expertise and land PR opportunities. Users will be able to submit pitches directly to trusted media sources without having to rely on outdated email addresses, and media outlets will only receive press-ready pitches without having to sift through thousands of emails.

In today’s current news climate, trusted media outlets are facing several issues, including inundated email boxes, irrelevant pitches and even false quotations from deceiving experts. This is especially rampant in services like HARO or Help a Reporter Out—where pitchers are not screened for news relevancy or even for their so-called expertise.

Press Demand co-founder and CEO, Heather DeSantis, says their software will fix this problem by using publicists to screen pitches before they physically go to media. “Our objective is to highlight media, support the media and continue to provide them with amazing news sources and experts.” Moderators will look for news relevancy, alignment with the media’s beat and ensure the expert is providing factual information.

The concept for Press Demand was born while DeSantis was working with Matt Ganzak, a software developer and business owner, on his PR campaigns.

Ganzak landed several major publications through DeSantis’ contributors and asked, “What if I build a platform where my clients can get access to your contributors, and they can create the perfect pitch through your proven PR methodologies?”

After a few strategy calls, the self-service PR platform was put in motion.

DeSantis says Press Demand will also deter troubling media trends like payola journalism, where contributors are paid for their features, “We have worked with most of our media members for many years, and will only accept the media sources that we approve.”

Currently, over 250 media members have joined Press Demand and come from a variety of beats, including Forbes Contributor, The Huffington Post Contributor, iHeartMedia, Sirius XM “Doctor Radio”, Cities Today, Security Week, The Financial Exchange Radio Show, Start It Up NYC, Indie Hackers, New Theory Magazine, Crypto The WonderDog Podcast, ZAWYA, Coin Currency News, Law Enforcement Today Syndicated Radio Show, Tech News Gadget, Irish Tech News, LA Tech News and top podcasts The Art Of Charm and Bigger Pockets Real estate Podcast.

DeSantis says her goal with Press Demand is to use her knowledge and rolodex of trusted media outlets to make PR accessible for everyone, “Now more than ever, business leaders are becoming content creators and thought leaders, which is why there’s a level playing field for people to become talking heads and media personalities.”

The first 100 users to sign up for Press Demand will join the “Founder’s Club,” which includes unlimited pitching for the year, moderator screening for each pitch and publicist support on the back end to help educate the business owner, the entrepreneur, or crypto company on the right way to pitch the media.

Founders will pay $997 for the year. DeSantis says this is a unique opportunity to unlock lifetime bonuses at a competitive price, “When you look at it from a budget perspective, it’s only $3/day. A typical agency price retainer is $5,000/month.” Plus, once the software reaches over 100 members, users will have to pay more in order to have their pitches reviewed by publicists.

Business owners, influencers or any other person interested in landing more successful pitches by joining the Founder’s Club should visit their website for more information.


For more information contact: Heather DeSantis – – 614.565.0996

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