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Rapid Check and Verify Passport Testing and Monitoring Platform for Covid-19

Global Tech Inc. based in San Diego, California, is a technology-based company with divisions providing telecommunications, medical technology, media content for domestic and international syndication as well as technology solutions, today announced that on June 18th and 19th its TPT MedTech subsidiary and the Tunica County Mississippi Chamber of Commerce will partner to hold what is anticipated to be the first full attendance concert in the region and one of the first in the country.

TPT MedTech, through its recently signed agreement with, has been working with the Chamber and its Experience Tunica County initiative to help restore and revitalize the county’s casino and tourism industry. The company is also considering locating one of its Mobile QuikLAB manufacturing facilities in Tunica as part of the Chamber’s overall revitalization and economic recovery efforts to bring jobs to the region and diversify the local economy.

The Tunica River Park’s venues, located right on the Mississippi River, hold up to 17,000 people in the open air facility and up to 2000 patrons at the indoor facility, respectively.

The estimated 2000 indoor, two-day VIP tickets are:

  • $150 each
  • General attendance tickets for Saturday only are $80
  • Both tickets include the cost of the TPT Covid test

All attendees will be Covid tested through TPT MedTech’s all-in-one MobileQuikLAB facility using the company’s QuikPASS Check and Verify technology platform.

Patrons will be required to log on to the QuikLAB webapp ( enter their name and drive up to the company’s Mobile QuikLABS to be Covid tested in order to gain access to the River Front events.

The rapid test will provide results in15 minutes via the QuiKPASS Check and Verify webapp passport.

“We are committed to helping communities across the country get back to normal and what we are doing with this partnership will truly demonstrate we can achieve our safe testing, privacy and security goals on a large scale,” said CEO Stephen J. Thomas III. “We are pleased to get our relationship with underway with this concert and confident our technology platforms will prove to be a great weapon and huge asset as we continue to fight Covid 19 at home and internationally.”

As an innovative technology company, TPT recognizes that addressing the Covid-19 pandemic requires a combination of technology and medical solutions. With the onset of the pandemic, the company immediately pivoted into the medical sector launching its TPT MedTech division TPT MedTech’s core product lines include its “QuikLAB™”, “QuikPASS™” and “SaniQUIK™” solutions.

Together they provide “End to End”, turnkey and streamlined COVID-19 testing and verifying technology platforms with:

  1. Scalable, mobile, on-site medical-grade labs that come to offices/venues, etc. to conduct testing
  2. A fully online, private and secure HIPAA Compliant webapp to share when a customer needs to provide proof that they’ve tested negative/positive and/or if they’ve been vaccinated
  3. Mobile sanitizing cabins (organic/safe, takes 240 people/hour with a 1-second thermal scan) to ensure that an individual is not carrying the virus on the exterior of their clothing.

The company believes that countries as a whole need to do more testing, but once that testing is complete there remains a need for a centralized platform to securely display that testing information so that all citizens can prove their testing results, in real-time, to any establishment requiring it for entry. The “QuikPass” Check and Verify and Vaccination monitoring passport was developed to validate that information in real-time giving all Federal and State Government agencies, transportation companies, schools, airlines, hospitals, sports venues, restaurants, hotels and nightclubs the ability to check and verify if an individual has been tested for Covid 19 or vaccinated. The company also believes it is essential to note that its “QuikPASS” Check and Verify Passport will be distributed FREE in the United States.

The company currently has three national partnerships.

  1. for concerts and corporate events and Wal-Mart to place its “QuikLABs” in Wal-Mart parking lots across the United States.
  2. Thomas Scientific-Hook Laboratories for high thru-put PCR testing across the US in its Mobile “QuikLABS”. To date, the company has three working QuikLAB locations, two in Wal-Mart stores in Miami and one “QuikLAB” at the Dadeland Mall also in Miami. The company is also on-boarding Co-labs and Pharmacies onto it’s “QuikLAB” and “QuikPASS” platforms starting on the East Coast and working West.
  3. International airports in Jamaica, Montego Bay and Kingston where it anticipates testing 3000-5000 travelers per day when fully operational.
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