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Real Estate Mobile App HomeNinja Connects Buyers to Sellers

HomeNinja an innovative real estate buyer to seller mobile app gives both a chance to test the market and do a transaction without paying a real estate broker’s commission.

Nashville’s real estate marketing is exploding with one hundred new people moving into the greater Nashville area.

“HomeNinja co-founders Michael Oshins and Larry Post designed their ingenious APP to eliminate the middle man in real estate transactions, the Realtor, by providing a platform that all potential homeowners can download to make purchasing and selling property effortless and less expensive by avoiding commissions,” said real estate expert CEO Tom Madden.

Tom has decades of experience in the real estate business representing home builders and Realtors, and working with writers and producers in the genre nationwide.

“We see the benefits of HomeNinja to buyers and sellers,” said real estate tech guru Madden, who has himself has bought and sold millions of dollars worth of commercial and residential properties. “As someone with many years of experience as a Realtor, I see HomeNinja as disruptively innovative and in the forefront of how the market is changing, thanks to digital and DIY.”

HomeNinja allows buyers and sellers to communicate directly, personalizing the transactional process the brainchild of two successful east and west coast entrepreneurs.

HomeNinja adopted best app practices combining the best engineers and iOS developers to make a superb mobile app with a nice U/I experience while lowering the cost of selling or purchasing profitable for users.

Money spent on commissions could be the difference between buying your home in a better school zone, increasing your square footage, or renovating your purchase.

Very easy app to navigate for potential homeowners allowing consumers to scroll homes for sale in their neighborhood or area of interest.

Users enjoy the personalization the app brings to the market while users have an opportunity to save more money and gain more control over real estate buying or selling.


For more information contact: Jaimie Ivers – 561.750.9800 x2100

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