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Get Results By Understanding Your Body Composition

Getting results by understanding your body composition and establishing your baseline is a critical point to affect change and achieve your desired health and wellness goals.

In my previous post I discussed setting SMART health goals and without understanding and establishing your baseline body composition you will not achieve or be able to track any changes.

So what is body composition?

Body composition is the percentage of fat, bone, water and muscle in the human body and understanding how much fat or muscle for example you have is important.

These values are important to understanding your fluid distribution in medical, wellness and fitness contexts. In other words, water weight and where your body stores it..

Fit-tech is helping to create highly accurate body composition analyzers like the InBody 570, which I use to establish my baseline and better understand how my daily activities affect change on my body.

Without getting to technical systems like these use different frequencies of low level electrical current that is pumped through your body when you grab a hold of and step onto the electrodes to give you a precise and accurate measurement. Different frequencies penetrate different types of cells giving the user a great and complete understanding of their body composition.

Fit-tech units like these are quickly gaining in popularity in medical facilities as well as sports clubs and gyms because of their accuracy and non-evasiveness.

This technology gives you an easy method to store and track your progress and change within your health and wellness goals.

Good body composition analyzers like the Inbody 570 will give you accurate results in 45 seconds while avoiding the uncomfortable and embarrassing calipers being squeezed around your body.

Understanding your body composition by using a body composition analyzer will set you up for success on achieving health and fitness goals.

Now it’s simple and easy, step on and step off.


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