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Revolutionary Love: A Political Manifesto to Heal and Transform the World

Rabbi Michael Lerner’s Revolutionary Love: A Political Manifesto Heal and Transform the World, presents a strategy that is not only useful for 2020, but a guide for the next 30 years as the focus inevitably turns toward saving the life support system of Earth.

The caring society is the only realistic path for humanity to survive, and in Revolutionary Love Rabbi Lerner lays out a powerful and compassionate plan for building a caring-centric society. The first step is to challenge the meritocratic fantasies championed by the wealthy but also by the self-deceptive teachings of many in the pop-psychology and pop-spirituality fields that “you create your own reality” (and hence have no one to blame but yourself.

Rabbi Lerner’s new book Revolutionary Love has been praised by Keith Ellison, the (African American) Attorney-General of the State of Minnesota who will be leading the prosecution of the 4 policemen involved in the murder of George Floyd. Yet one cannot escape the conclusion that the millions of people who responded to the murder of Floyd are demanding a dramatic societal transformation The time for deep structural and transformational change is now. The time to address the deep immoral economic and health disparities among African Americans and Latinos that caused needless infections and deaths is now.

As a Rabbi and As a psychotherapist Lerner also promotes a Global Marshall (Generosity) Plan to help end global and domestic poverty, a guaranteed annual income for the bottom 70% of income earners, Lerner also argues for a Environmental and Social Responsibility Amendment which would ban corporate interest and policies from politics.

In a post Trumpian world and in a newly awoken America, Lerner’s strategy can create a more transformative movement that is more generous and loving and actually embodies the values it hopes to see in the society it seeks to create.

Rabbi Lerner received the Martin Luther King Jr/Gandhi Peace Award from Morehouse College and the Social Justice Award from the International Association of Sufism. He has a ph.d. in philosophy and a second ph.d. in clinical psychology and was he principal investigator of an NIMH research grantto study the psychodynamics of work and family life for middle income Americans.

He was the subject of a five page article in the NY Times Magazine entitled “This Year’s Prophet”and is an advocate for peace and reconciliation between Israel and Palestinians.

He is also: Editor of Tikkun Magazine an interfaith and secular-humanist welcoming journal and Chair, The Network of Spiritual Progressives, Rabbi, Beyt Tikkun Synagogue-Without-Walls in S.F. and Berkeley, Ca.

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