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REX Real Estate Exchange Technology Saves You Money

REX Real Estate Exchange applies big data analytics to selling real estate without using the MLS and saves you money doing it.

The nation’s only full service real estate firm REX is NOT using the MLS selling model and cutting costs and broker fees from 5-6% down to 2%. Saving You Money and providing a better customer experience according to REX and their clients, click here to read testimonials.

REX’s platform utilizes artificial intelligence or AI and real time machine learning improving their ability to reach live potential clients directly online.

Today savvy consumers not only want the best possible customer experience they conduct more of their own research coming into the transaction.

At times better prepared than the tradition real estate agent and therefore wants to minimize fees, costs and exposure.

The majority of this is being done on mobile devices adding pressure to the real estate industry to change in order to better serve its clients.

The use of AI and real time machine learning combined with big data allows REX to greatly improve their targeting of real consumers in the market to buy or sell a property.

Ultimately translating to an improved average of only 39 days on the market for a REX Real Estate Exchange property to sell, that’s 20-30% faster than the traditional MLS selling model.

We will be speaking with Jack Ryan, CEO of REX Real Estate Exchange in the coming weeks to discuss disruption and technology’s impact on the real estate industry.

Why has REX been able to succeed in an industry that has mostly shunned away from technology and its benefits as well as the future direction for the company.

Just recently REX expanded for the first time and outside of the southern California market into Long Island, New York. Proving the REX model works and consumers are increasingly looking for more efficient ways to be proactive and involved in such a major purchase like a real estate transaction.

REX Real Estate Exchange was founded in 2015 and has met or exceeded every milestone projected to its investors.

Check back for updates on REX Real Estate Exchange.


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