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Rex Specs Your Next Best Friend

Tech NewsRex Specs for dogs will be your next best friend.

The sun can be an enjoyable part of being outdoors for dogs, but sometimes their favorite part of the day can also hurt them the most.

Aiden Doane and Jesse Emilio learned this difficult lesson when their two furry companions, Yaz and Tuckerman, were diagnosed with inflamed eyes due to too much exposure sun rays, also known as Pannus.

The only treatment for these injuries is staying indoors, away from the sun. Obviously, this isn’t easy to do when your favorite thing to do with your dogs is adventuring through Grand Tetons National Park.

Not letting their ailments get in the way of what they love Aiden and Jesse decided to create a solution for their canine friends, and many other fuzzy companions.

I was not going to deprive my dog (best adventure pal) from what he and I loved – being outside exploring and adventuring together. – Aiden Doane, Co-founder of Rex-Specs

Doggles, goggles for dogs.

Yes, sadly the name was already taken, but Rex Specs is just as great.

Tech News

Rex Specs are different than most sun-goggles in that they are specially made to fit your dog comfortably and securely.

There are options for all sizes of dogs with the Rex Specs goggles, which are adjustable and made to allow free range movement of the mouth and jaw.

Hunting hounds, military dogs, and other active dogs all use Rex Specs, proving that these goggles are more than just a fashion statement.

Any person who has bought Rex Specs goggles will agree that the investment was worth it.

Tech News

People are constantly advised to wear safety goggles with practically any activity, doing the same for your dog is only logical.

Your dog will now be able to comfortably enjoy any activity without having to worry about the sun, dirt, sticks, stones, or other objects in their eyes.


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