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RxExamCoach, an exciting new NAPLEX® exam review video series, is now featured with sample videos on McGraw Hill’s Access Pharmacy®. The new video series, containing content previously reserved for attendees at Dr. Scott Sutton’s live exam reviews, adds another quality study aide for pharmacy students who are preparing to take the NAPLEX® exam.

It provides an introduction to the full series of videos only available at RxExamCoach.

RxExamCoach features NAPLEX® exam study guide expert, Dr. Scott Sutton, Pharm. D., with more than 20 hours of exam review videos. The videos cover many drugs and disease states and showcase Dr. Sutton’s unique methods which allow students to better recall learned information at test time. As author of the best-selling text, McGraw Hill’s NAPLEX® Review Guide, soon to be released in its 3rd edition, Sutton is sought after for his powerful three-day, live, review sessions. Now, his unique teachings have been captured in the affordable online video subscription service at RxExamCoach.

“These high-quality video lessons are professionally produced to give students the sense that they have a front row seat at one of Dr. Sutton’s live reviews,” states RxExamCoach’s Operations Manager, Michael Burney. “With roughly 85% of pharmacy students currently having access through their schools to the vast resources with McGraw Hill’s Access Pharmacy®, the RxExamCoach video series completes the total package of resources for students to be best prepared for the exam.”

In fact advanced learning students with access to Access Pharmacy™ have a wide range of test preparation resources including Dr. Sutton’s best-selling text with 1,448 questions, a test data bank with 1,897 practice questions and more. With a modest investment for their test success, students now will be able to add Dr. Sutton’s video series to complete their resources and be best prepared for the exam.

For the few students who do not have privileges for Access Pharmacy®, subscriptions are available online through McGraw Hill’s online services.

“We are so excited to offer this exam preparation video series currently containing more than 35 video lessons with more being added,” states Sutton. “I help students best understand where I feel they should focus their exam review time and give them a very unique way to become extremely comfortable with memorization of side effects, a system I developed and have been teaching to students for 20 years.”

Major universities have trusted Dr. Sutton for his live NAPLEX® review sessions for 15 years. Now pharmacy students everywhere have access to his valuable test preparation training in this new video review series available here.


For more information: Michael Burney – – (803)238-0300

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