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Santa Monica Energy Storage Company WISE Power

Los Angeles Crowdfunding Platform Powers Equity Campaign for Santa Monica Energy Storage Company. Santa Monica Energy Storage Company WISE Power enters the home automation space.

WISE Power, an intelligent energy storage and Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled lifestyle management company with offices in Santa Monica, Ca. and Kansas City, Mo., announces the start of its capital raising campaign through Los Angeles-based StartEngine, an equity crowdfunding platform. The purpose of the crowdfunding campaign is to raise funds to help WISE bring its products to the national market.

Amazon Business and Money

WISE technology combines the IoT with energy storage, thus allowing people to store energy to power their homes and businesses as well as to manage and automate their energy usage according to their lifestyle and business needs. It’s unique because it also allows users to easily integrate, monitor, and control smart appliances and devices through a smartphone, tablet or computer. The resulting benefits include lower energy bills, greater lifestyle convenience and business efficiency, and a decreased carbon footprint.

Santa Monica Energy Storage Company WISE PowerWISE products rely on patented technology including a WISE Controller, Patent No: US 9,559,522, and a WISE Power On Demand (WISE POD) system, Patent No: US 9,348,384. The WISE business model works through a nationwide network of WISE Certified Distributors who sell, install, and maintain WISE technology.

Kevin Williams founded cybersecurity company Willco Technologies which provided workforce credential services to more than 1.5 million registered users throughout the U.S. Department of Defense by 2017. Then, he decided to sell it to launch WISE.

“WISE is poised to enter the intelligent energy storage and IoT-enabled lifestyle management markets with a product offering unlike anything else available in the marketplace,” said Kevin Williams, CEO of WISE Power. “We’re looking for investors to join us in disrupting these multi-billion-dollar industries.”

StartEngine was founded by Howard Marks, a video game programmer famous for bringing “Guitar Hero” and “Call of Duty” to market.

“I received an email from Howard’s group, which had seen some information about WISE Power and what we were doing,” Williams said. “They said I should really consider using their platform to raise capital.”

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