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Schools Start Distance Learning & Working Parents Scramble to Find Childcare

Millions of students begin school in a grand experiment called Distance Learning.

But what if some of these school children have parents who hold down 9 to 5 jobs? 

Welcome to the wild scramble of working parents who need to find nannies or daycare so they can continue their employment to pay the mortgage to keep the roof over their newly minted ‘homeschooled’ children.

One company not caught off guard by the wild and wooly Fall schedule is Home Rule LLC, an in-home provider of child caregivers, servicing all 50 states.

So, regardless if and when school districts put their entire student body in ‘time out,’ Home Rule picks up the slack by providing vetted, trained child caregivers.

But what about work-from-home parents? Can they hold down a full-time job from home while supervising and educating their children at the same time? Probably not as effectively as their employers might deem to be par for the course–the work course for which those employers are paying those parents.

Home Rule founder and CEO Christy McGlothlin said, “Amidst all the scheduling chaos, we are rising to the occasion to help working families in need by providing a home-based childcare solution as an alternative to crowded childcare facilities. The average parent would prefer to keep their child home during the current pandemic, if given the option. We are now giving parents that option.”

Home Rule Childcare is a fast-growing home-based childcare company offering parents in all 50 states the option to have their children cared for in their own homes. Home Rule offers much more than a typical babysitter. They also work with nanny-shares, allowing friends or neighbors to reduce childcare costs by sharing a caregiver, allowing the added benefit of socialization. 

Christy McGlothlin, founder and CEO of Home Rule, answers some common questions about the “Plan B Transition” in Raleigh, North Carolina, that is a similar program to other areas of the country:

Q&A about the Plan B Transition and Childcare/Nanny options:

  1. What is the Plan B Transition and how will it impact Wake County parents this fall? 

Answer: Essentially it means the school year begins at home and gradually transitions back to some in-school classes, potentially wreaking havoc for parents holding jobs during a nebulous, unpredictable schedule. For parents who work away from home, they face two choices. They either need to find a childcare center that unfortunately carries with it the risk of their child catching germs from being in such close proximity to other children, or alternatively, they find someone to watch their children in their own home. And sometimes parents working from home need a child caregiver so that they can get their work done. We provide nannies in homes.

  1. What are the options for watching children who are too old for a daycare center?

Answer: You can hire a trained, vetted nanny from Home Rule to watch your children, which we hope you do. Or, there’s an option I hope you don’t make, and that is to quit your job and go on unemployment with millions of others who have chosen that ‘quick fix,’ path. But when unemployment runs out, your old job might be gone, and you might find yourself starting at the bottom of the employment ladder again.

  1. What about just paying a neighborhood girl to babysit?

Answer: By law, you must pay a sitter or nanny as a household employee and complete the W-2 paperwork, pay their taxes/social security/workers comp, likely requiring the services of an accountant or bookkeeper, so it’s easier just to use the nanny services of Home Rule and let us do that paperwork. Of course, some parents pay an under-age neighborhood sitter ‘under the table’ but that carries risk since the IRS has made clear that a child caregiver is considered a household employee, so legally, families who hire a babysitter need to become an employer and pay their employee’s taxes and workers comp or hire child caregivers that are employed by an agency. Having employees means having a greater measure of control and quality that cannot be achieved in the so-called ‘gig’ economy.

  1. What’s wrong with just going online and finding a sitter service? 

Answer: Most are like dating sites. Their information may or may not be accurate. Most are simply databases with a search engine, where the online company never met the sitter in person and never did a background check. Home Rule does background checks, reference checks, and thoroughly screens our nannies in person or via Zoom.

  1. Do Home Rule nannies help kids navigate my child’s schoolwork?

Answer: Yes! Our child caregivers are there to assist the children they care for in reaching their goals, including educational.

  1. What precautions is Home Rule taking to protect the children and families they care for?

Answer: We offer Background checks and other screening, training, professional liability and workers comp insurance, and a customized plan with daily schedules for goals so the children are productive and are not just glued to a screen. Parents also receive daily detailed notes of their child’s activities. We provide masks for all of our employees. Home Rule also provides in-home skilled nursing services to children with trachs, ventilators and g-tubes, so we understand health and safety.

  1. How much does it cost?

Answer: The average cost in the Raleigh area is $19 per hour. Nanny-sharing can reduce that cost. There are no sign-on fees, placement fees or other fees of a typical placement agency. You only pay when your child caregiver works. You may contact us for a quote.

  1. How may people reach Home Rule if they are interested in childcare services in their home?

Answer: Website at, Phone: (828) 679-1289 or 919-800-8017.

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