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Science Immersion Workshop Winner Receives FREE Tuition, Room and Board, and Travel Support

Break Stories About Climate Change & Water Resources.

February 18th is the application deadline for science immersion fellowship which includes tuition, room and board, and travel support.

More intense droughts, increasing heavy downpours, risks to water quality and quantity are just some the climate change impacts included in the latest National Climate Assessment Report, “increasing risks and costs to agriculture, energy production, industry and recreation, and the environment.”

Do you have the science tools to make the connection between shrinking water supplies, water quality, food production and climate change initiative in a way that your news audience will understand?

Apply for Metcalf Fellowship by February 18th

The Metcalf Institute Annual Science Immersion Workshop provides professional journalists with hands-on experience in field and laboratory with expertise from leading scientists and policymakers who are working to project the impacts of global change, identify adaptation measures, and investigate the most effective ways to communicate these challenges.

Held at the URI Graduate School of Oceanography, one of the nation’s premier oceanographic research institutions, the Metcalf Workshop provides an intense week of learning in the field, classroom and lecture hall.

Metcalf Fellows will:

  • Receive a comprehensive overview of climate science and global change
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how scientists conduct research and handle scientific uncertainty
  • Develop the skills and confidence to interpret and translate the language of scientific journals for news audiences
  • Build confidence in their abilities to discern the credibility of scientific sources
  • Board a research vessel to study the impacts of rising water temperatures and ocean acidification on coastal ecosystems
  • Explore the study of “emerging contaminants” such as PFAS that affect freshwater and marine ecosystems and public health
  • Visit wetlands, shorelines, and coastal communities to better understand adaptive management efforts and solutions in response to sea level rise and coastal storms
  • Discover new ways to write about global change to build audience understanding and engagement
  • Cultivate new sources by interacting with leading researchers and policy experts in an informal, off-deadline atmosphere
  • Network and develop lasting relationships with journalists from around the globe

Metcalf Alumni

Metcalf Institute has helped nearly 900 journalists cover the environment with greater accuracy and nuance since its first program in 1999.

Metcalf alumni represent all media types and a wide variety of large and small news organizations ranging from local and regional newspapers and broadcast outlets to online and national/international outlets such as the Los Angeles Times, Reuters, National Geographic, China Global Television Network, Marketplace, Politico and PBS NewsHour.

Our alumni hail from the U.S. and around the world, including Pakistan, Brazil, Nigeria, Israel, Egypt, Italy, South Africa, and China.

Applications for the 2019 Annual Science Immersion Workshop for Journalists must be submitted by February 18, 2019.


For more information contact: Karen Southern –

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