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Setting SMART Health Goals

Setting SMART health goals is not difficult in today’s environment of FIT-TECH apps that assist.

Getting honest with yourself is difficult and examining your current health and wellness condition in detail is overwhelming and down right scary.

So what are SMART goals, how to do you set them and why do you want them?

Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Results-focused. Time-bound.

With FIT-TECH apps like Nike Run Club, Insanity, Map my Run, Calorie Counter and Food Tracker it’s never been easier to start and stick with it.

In fact if you don’t have a set of SMART health goals already in place you’re not as healthy as you think. Without an established base line and understanding of your body composition you can’t track any changes positive or negative.

Setting SMART goals will create a regimen and a structure to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

NOW is ALWAYS the perfect the time to start!

SMART health goals are not “I’m going to loose weight” or “I’ll only have carbs on the weekends” they can be as simple as walking stairs versus taking the elevator. It’s that simple but you have to start today. Have you started writing down your SMART goals?

Joining a community of conscience living individuals or recruiting others to join you is critical in sustaining your health program and fully integrating it into your daily routine. My local Los Angeles based 24FitLife community has helped me stay lean and mean and healthy on the inside.

Not only do I achieve my health and fitness goals I have also mentored others with the same desire to transform their lives through fitness, nutrition and mindset.

Conscience living through fitness, nutrition and mindset is my goal and supporting others achieving their goals is my passion.

Need help setting SMART health goals watch the clip below.

Still need help. Email me here. Coach Jay


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