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Silicon Beach GoGuardian Launches New AI Platform

GoGuardianAI, a Silicon Beach startup launched their new AI platform Admin 2.0. The new artificial intelligence platform will enhance the safety of students with real time learning of behaviors to properly filter content on and off campus to keep students on task and engaged. GoGuardian’s cloud-based software allows educators flexible control over their school district’s 1:1 program.

GoGuardian provides Chromebook management solutions that help protect students online.

Their Head of Innovation, Tyler Shaddix, said “Smart Alerts uses A.I. to help educators truly grasp the content of the web page. When you fully understand the context of the behavior, the insights into student needs become more actionable. Smart Alerts’ A.I. technology provides educators with proper context and the most accurate information available…accuracy is clearly of dire importance for educators facing issues like student suicide and self-harm.”

New features include Contextual Awareness, new machine learning algorithms continually scan website content to make real time decisions. Automated Feedback will block or send customized messages Smart Alerts to students based on their browsing behavior.

Flexible filter settings across your entire organization make it easy and possible to have on and off campus, individual student settings, and streamlined recovery for devices. Its built for Chrome, deploys in minutes, and you can have a free 2 week trial by clicking this link.

Keeping students away from inappropriate content is an ever increasing challenge in this climate of technology.

GoGuardian is serving 2,300 school districts, 44,000 educators, and 4,000,000 students nationwide. GoGuardian’s idea is to help shape student behavior through the use of AI. This powerful platform is intelligent for content filtering specifically built for the school environment.

Artificial intelligence is helping educators understand student behaviors by understanding the content the student is interacting with.

GoGuardian’s AI technology goes beyond URL’s and keywords and is on the cutting edge machine learning to make real time filtering decisions.


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