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Six Second Marketing Ads Trending Up

T-Mobile found great success in their latest marketing campaign using six second marketing ads during the 2017 MLB World Series.

Utilizing six, fifteen and thirty second ads T-Mobile was able to pull off their most successful marketing campaign of the year.

The six second ads during the 2017 MLB World Series were two twice as effective for T-Mobile in terms of creating likeability and recall.

The trend for shorter marketing ads is increasing having T.V networks scrambling to accommodate the shorter runs clients demand.

Shorts ads have always been championed by the likes of Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat in the tech sector.

This is a good case study showing how viable and cost effective a short marketing ad campaign strategy can pay off big.

Smaller ads like the six second ad is being utilized more creatively now and helping organizations like SoFi and Discover capture a larger and more diverse audience.


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