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Solos Health Analytics Innovative New Technology: FeverGuard™

FeverGuard™ is a new weapon in the fight against COVID-19. Its AI-powered technology provides an early warning of a fever that could save your life.

Solos Health Analytics, an innovator in health and wellness, today introduces FeverGuard™ the intelligent wearable that gives users an early warning of a potential fever and provides opt-in contact tracing.

Early fever detection identifies people at risk of COViD-19, stops the spread, helps save lives and facilitates a safe return to work.

“FeverGuardharnesses the ease and power of wearable technology to win the fight against COVID-19,” says Mark Lewis, founder and CEO, Solos Health Analytics. “Our new wearable is a simple, low-cost solution to get people safely and quickly back to work, help government officials carefully reopen their economies, and stop the spread of an infectious virus. Early fever detection stops the spread, helps save lives and avoids business disruptions.”

Viral infections affect everyone. Each year, even with targeted vaccines, thousands of people still suffer from viral infections such as the seasonal flu — as well as ordinary colds. Fever is the most common early symptom of a virus or infection.

The wearable health aid is an ideal solution for essential workers, U.S. military, healthcare and educational institutions, sports and entertainment venues, first responders, food service, hospitality and travel industries, retail settings, warehouse workers and delivery drivers, and quarantined groups.

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