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SongSplits Updates Digital Split Sheet Platform

SongSplits, previously launched as a platform for songwriters to establish and cross-verify their songwriting credits in a universal database, has announced that it has created an updated platform for its members and their teams to use.

For years, songwriters have dealt with the often lengthy and frustrating process of having their song credits accurately agreed upon and documented. Without the correct split data, publishers, performing rights societies, administration and distribution companies cannot distribute royalties already earned. In addition, accurate split data is necessary for songs to be cleared for licensing purposes in television, film, and commercial advertising campaigns. Missing or inaccurate copyright data results in over $1 billion in unpaid royalty income each year.

Now, SongSplits is aiming to become the universal system for rights management and they are well on their way to doing so.

CEO of SongSplits, Todd Wright saw these problems firsthand while running his business management firm. “I would get calls from major companies about a song a client had collaborated on – often a song that had been written years prior,” Wright said. “They’d ask about getting the correct splits which were previously missing entirely or indicate that there was a claim from co-writers of different percentages. And in the majority of those situations, no one had the documentation to clear things up. On a case-by-case basis, the variances were small, but in totality, the monetary differences are enormous.”


The team behind SongSplits changed all that by creating a universal data system for the songwriting community. The platform allows writers to easily create digital split sheets and cross-verify the information with their co-writers. Once the data is finalized, it remains in a universal ledger that can be provided to third party publishing entities, performing rights societies, and other licensing entities.

Since its inception, SongSplits has evolved to accommodate the feedback and needs of its users. The current design offers an intuitive new interface that makes the platform more user-friendly. In their own secure account, writers can organize and track their music and lyrics by song title, collaborating partners and creation/modification dates, as well as uploading the full song and lyrics to be stored alongside this data.

SongSplits also offers a tool allowing writers to give certain permissions to their managers and/or attorneys to view and manage their accounts. These managers and attorneys can then have their own portal to manage all of their own client’s rights in their portal.

As the platform has grown up, so has its database. As of 2019, more than 250,000 songwriters have their work registered in the SongSplits system.

“It is hard enough for most creatives to have a financially rewarding career in the music business without having to spend unnecessary time tracking down earned royalties or just flat-out missing licensing opportunities altogether due to poor record-keeping,” said Wright. “Providing a simple tool for the creatives and their teams is vital to their success.”



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