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Spot Trender Cloud Ad Testing and Brand Tracking

The launch of the new Spot Trender Cloud (an ad testing and brand tracking platform) has been wildly successful.

In 2018 more than 80% of Spot Trender’s full-service clients have adopted and migrated over to Spot Trender Cloud, which aims to be more predictive of actual sales, while being significantly faster and more cost effective than traditional competitors.

According to Forbes, companies who adopt data-driven marketing are six times more likely to be profitable.

The market lacked a single solution that would enable marketers to achieve all of their essential goals: Tracking customized qualitative & quantitative metrics, using a highly targeted and large sample size, and access to an intuitive platform to effortlessly generate immediately actionable insights.

Spot Trender Cloud brings innovation to classic brand & perception tracking where traditional market research companies have not met the challenges faced by marketers today. “It’s always a pleasure to hear the excitement from potential clients when they learn about the value and new capabilities they gain with Spot Trender’s new offerings. They have been accustomed to the status quo from large traditional research companies which are slow to innovate,” said Tim Tonges, CRO of Spot Trender.

What makes the new Spot Trender Cloud different?

  • Customization at scale
    • Highly customizable, scalable brand tracking world-wide
    • Clients don’t have to be stuck with standardized metrics
  • Patented Live Emotional Reactions Feedback System
    • Richer qualitative data in addition to customizable quantitative questions
  • Highly advanced analytics platform which provides immediately actionable insights with just a few clicks

Spot Trender help brands and agencies predict and optimize their ads faster and more cost effectively by automating the traditional market research and at-testing process with smarter cloud-based technology.

“High performing marketers know that the right technology for data collection and analysis is critical to a successful campaign strategy,” said Chris South, CEO of Spot Trender. “What delightfully surprised our clients was our ability to track their competitors’ brand health and creative performance on tailored metrics almost instantaneously. This technology has been a tremendous strategic asset because they now have a more significant competitive edge in the market to understand and optimize their messaging and advertising long-term.”

Brands receive real-time audience feedback in just hours with Spot Trender’s advanced online platform connecting brands to almost 100 million people world-wide.


For more information contact: Chris South – – 800-755-5790

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