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Study: Tennessee Has No. 27 Best Economy in the U.S.

Study: Tennessee Has No. 27 Best Economy in the U.S.

A study shows Tennessee has the No. 27 healthiest economy in the U.S.

As the nation heads into an election year, 30% of people say the economy will be their primary consideration in how they vote in 2020. released its study, Best and Worst State Economies in the U.S., which analyzed the most recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Bureau of Economic Analysis.

The rankings were determined by analyzing data pertaining to unemployment rates, wages and gross domestic product in every state.

Here are key findings in Tennessee:

· No. 10 (tied) in unemployment rate, 3.3%

· No. 9 in change in unemployment (2015-2019), -41.1%.

· No. 40 in average annual wage, $44,660

· No. 35 in per capita gross domestic product, $54,214.68

Here are key national findings:

  • The 10 states with the best economies are Massachusetts, Colorado, California, New Jersey, Virginia, Washington, Illinois, New York, Utah and Maryland.
  • The 10 states with the worst economies are Mississippi, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, West Virginia, New Mexico, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.
  • Unemployment fell from 9.9% in 2009 to 3.5% in 2019,but several states have rates that exceed the nation’s jobless rate.
  • Nebraska is the only state with an increase in unemployment since 2015.

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