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Tech Experts Cast Passion for Fishing Creating Wi Fi Fishing Lure

Eco-Popper the World’s First Fishing Lure with Live Video Streaming was invented by CEO Dani Zeevi of who is an avid angler that worked to combine his affinity for fishing and concern for our environment with his professional work skills.

Released of the Eco-Popper, an underwater camera that acts also as a top-water lure (popper) that has a built-in, wide-angle camera, streaming live HD video via Wi-Fi to your smartphone or tablet.

Fishing, Scouting, Baiting:

Eco-Popper creates its own Wi-Fi hotspot that your smartphone connects to, so there is no need for Internet connection. By streaming to you live video on the spot, Eco-Popper helps you save precious time, be more effective and make the right decisions instantly while fishing.

Equipped with sensors enabling to measure water temperature and salinity levels, Eco-Popper is extremely flexible and can be used in several ways, as an All-in-One Camera and Top-Water Lure that reaches down to 10 feet, as Bait-Trail, and for Scouting.

Fishing Lure

Environmental findings:

Eco-Popper contains a set of sensors measuring water temperature and salinity (we plan to add more sensors in the future). Our vision is to map and monitor in real time our global water environments using the anglers’ community. This will enable us to warn of possible degradation in water quality and pin point to the exact location in almost real-time. Because of that, Eco-Net has been officially certified as Social Impact Investment by Dagda Partners.


For more information contact: Jennifer LaVoie-Trimble – – 971.998.6788

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