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TIKD Provides SoCal Drivers Solutions for Paying Traffic Tickets Online

TIKD Provides SoCal Drivers Solutions for Paying Traffic Tickets Online.

Paying traffic tickets online just got a bit easier and less of a headache with TIKD.

More than 7,000 happy customers since launching this past February have used TIKD’s ticket paying solution and give the platform a thumbs up!

TIKD uses technology, big data and statistics to offer customers a range of benefits including convenience and cost
savings on the face value of the traffic ticket.

Access to affordable legal services for the opportunity to minimize the negative financial impact of getting a traffic ticket is also an option for those looking to fight the ticket.

The tech startup offers an option of paying less than the ticket face value by finding a private attorney to fight the ticket charge and negotiate a payment plan if necessary for the customer.

These great benefits are available via the TIKD app, or easily accessible website.

Using the power of technology and big data TIKD is able to deliver a nice solution for a not so nice problem.

Notification options include regular updates on the status of your case if you decide to fight it.

The process with TIKD is simple and quick.

  • Go to and click ‘Submit My Ticket’
  • Upload photo or scanned image of ticket
  • Enter ticket details
  • Pay with credit card in single pay or multi payment options
  • Receive regular updates of your case

In excess of four million traffic tickets alone are issued in California yearly.

Typical state and county fees can increase a ticket value from $35 to $335 and organizations like TIKD are offering solutions to consumers to reduce the pain in paying traffic tickets.


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