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Today is Earth Day April 22, 2018

Today is Earth Day and it’s time to celebrate.

Gulshan Kumar and Shadi Bakour of PATHWater have reached over four thousand students throughout the California area and have visited over fifty school districts and over one hundred school sites to help educate the students and bring awareness about hydration and how to decrease their carbon footprint.

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They are activists trying to end plastic waste and encourage a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

With recent studies showing that more than ninety percent of tested water brands contain microplastics, consumers are seeking alternatives to buying water in plastic bottles.

PATHWater is leading a huge movement and was recently featured by Sweetwater Schools located in Chula Vista, CA. In addition, to their focus on being a resource for schools their company PATHWater is on the forefront of reducing the amount of plastic bottles that end up in a landfill. Some counties in California are banning plastic bottles and because of that they have partnered with PATHWater to ensure that there students are properly hydrated and that there students are living more sustainable lives. Schools that are moving to aluminum bottles instead of plastic bottles are saving money as it relates to waste management.

For every bottle refilled of PATHWater they are saving five bottles from going to a landfill.  The average American uses one hundred twenty six plastic bottles per year which ends up in a landfill. Time recently did a story in microplastics which can be found here.


  • The energy we waste using bottled water would be enough to power one hundred ninety thousand homes
  • Americans used about fifty billion plastic bottles last year
  • Making bottles to meet America’s demand for bottled water uses more than seventeen million barrels of oil annually – enough to fuel  1.3 millions cars for a year
  • Recent studies show that more than ninety percent of tested water brands contain microplastics, consumers are seeking alternatives to buying water in plastic bottles
  • A recently washed up Sperm whale on a beach in Spain had sixty four pounds of plastic waste in its stomach

PATHWater is sponsoring a giveaway including: 1 (16.9 oz) bottle, PATHWater Rally Towel, PATHWater Sports Pack, PATHWater pen and PATHWater stickers.

California schools impacted include:

  • Sweetwater USD – San Diego
  • Burbank – LA
  • San Dieguito – San Diego
  • Hayward USD – Bay Area
  • Parajo  Valley USD -Bay Area
  • Live Oak USD – Bay Area
  • Placer Union – Sacramento

In addition, they are leading frequent ocean clean ups across California waters and beaches.

PathWater has been strongly involved in the community. The PATHers actively go out and attend cleanups monthly.

They are on a journey to bring the plastic crisis to the forefront. Teach others to protect the environment and provide options to reduce and reuse.


For more information contact: Heather DeSantis – – 614-565-0996

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