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ToneGym is a new online Gym for Musicians

SoundGym has launched ToneGym, an online ear-training platform that enables musicians to improve their skills, connect, compete, and help each other on a journey to musical excellence.

SoundGym reveals ToneGym, a new ear-training web application that uses deep gamification and deliberate practice methods to help musicians train, learn, improve skills, and unleash their full potential.Members can complete daily workouts, track their progress and analyze their training, learn music theory concepts, deepen their learning with interactive music theory tools, connect with other musicians, compete, and be part of the modern musician community.

Musical gym

ToneGym is a gym for the ears, where each member gets a personalized ear-training program and a daily workout that fits his musical skills. Training sessions are made of ear-training games and music theory exercises that help musicians to develop musical intuition. Playing multi-level musical games members will improve core skills such as interval detection, scale recognition, chord progression, sense of rhythm, and more.

ToneGym is a game!

ToneGym is also a big music theory game that keeps musicians motivated while learning and training. Members can participate in contests, compete with colleagues and friends, pass levels, achieve goals, earn coins, buy virtual goods, and win awards and special prizes.

Progress tracking and training stats

ToneGym helps musicians know their strengths and weaknesses. Members can assess their musical skills, compare scores with others, track their improvement over time, and get detailed statistics about their training process.

Music theory learning programs

Members can enter the free music theory school to study complete musical learning programs and courses, made by educators and experts from free curated content.

Next level interactive music theory tools

Tonegym offers advanced interactive music theory tools such as Chord Analyzer, Progression Generator, and the Interactive Circle of Fifth, for a deeper understanding of music theory concepts.

Modern musician community

ToneGym helps musicians to build deep and meaningful relationships with each other. Members of the community can create professional and niche-specific spaces, discuss music-related topics, share their knowledge, and get advice and inspiration while learning and training.

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