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Top 3 Fitness Smart Watches

Which top 3 fitness smart watches do you prefer?

Don’t say you’re not using one. We’ve tested dozens of smart watches, name brand and off brand watches and narrowed them down to our top 3 fitness smart watches.

Advances in technology for the smart watch sector has been quick and accelerated especially in the health and wellness vertical.

Everything from step count to heartbeat, heart rate, calorie intake, distance traveled, your sleep patterns and more is tracked and delivered to you in easy to read and understand displays.

Tracking your fitness statistics, goals and achievements is easier than ever with any of these top 3 fitness smart watches.

Top 3 Fitness Smart Watches

Fitbit has received quite a bit of praise with it’s heart rate technology and ability to track it without a chest strap, PurePulse.

Their SmartTrack technology recognizes different exercises broken into seven main categories. Walking, running, aerobic workouts, elliptical, outdoor bike, sports and swimming.

Sleep tracking is also broken down for you into stages, quality, light sleep, deep and REM sleep.

Understanding your sleep quality, stages and patterns will improve your health if you manage it correctly.

The best is their pleasant vibrating alarm system that slowly and gently wakes you rather than the morning siren scaring you to death.

With a wide variety of bands the Fitbit has fashion on it’s mind.

Top 3 Fitness Smart WatchesGarmin vivosmart 3 is packed with great features.

Their wellness monitoring tracks heart rate variability and translates that into a stress level indicator. Perfect if you’re the type that can pop off at a moments notice so you know not to over stress yourself.

Garmin does a great job at building a community around their fitness smart watches. Garmin Connect, their online community keeps you full of challenges, connected and accountable with others.

Being waterproof is one this smart watch’s most praised feature. Having control of your music and ability to find your misplaced cell phone are other cool and unique features for Garmin vivosmart 3.

Top 3 Fitness Smart Watches

Last but not least is the infamous Apple Watch.

The only of the top 3 fitness smart watches with GPS capabilities. Excellent when you’re trekking across the Mojave Desert on foot to your next fitness challenge.

Standing on your feet to much is a quick way to a health problem so the Apple Watch also tracks time spent standing.

Programmed to suggest personalized exercises and coaching opportunities the Apple Watch even takes into account your breathing.

Plus Siri is always by your side to help.

The fashionista of the group with 34 different styles of the watch so you’re guaranteed to find something with your flare.

Plenty of third party apps also help provide a great user experience as well.

These are our top 3 fitness smart watches but only a few of the options made available to consumers who want to track and monitor their fitness and wellness changes, progression and achievements.

You will find a wide variety from simple to custom in every price range so choose wisely.

At the end of the day the smart watch can only aid you and your progress, not do the work for you.

Keep that in mind as you choose the one that best fits your needs.


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