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TOP 3 VR Headsets for PC and PS4

TOP 3 VR Headsets for PC and PS4.

The decision was tough but someone has to make the call on the TOP 3 VR headsets.

Gamer and other if you do not have one of the TOP 3 VR headsets then you are missing out on an easy to set up and affordable to own immersive home VR experience.

VR or virtual reality is not a perfected technology but has come a long way since first developed in the 1950.

In 1962 filmmaker Mort Heilig patented the first VR system called the Sensorama which was comprised of an arcade style cabinet complete with a 3D display (red & blue paper glasses), a vibrating seat and a scent sprayer for aromatic affects.

Now there are compact home VR systems so immersive you might as well be in a different reality.

We rated and tested VR systems and this is our reccomendation for TOP 3 VR Headsets for PC and PS4.

TOP 3 VR Headset for PC and PS4 are:

Number 1 Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System.

The Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System is an easy to use and set up system that currently has the largest catalog of content. Excellent design provides good comfort and technology that delivers excellent audio and video quality for a truly immersive VR experience. $399 on Amazon.

Number 2 HTC VIVE – Virtual Reality System.

HTC VIVE – Virtual Reality System drops in at number 2 because of comfortably but more than makes up for it in motion tracking with what HTC calls “room scale VR” which creates a more immersivre VR experience because the user will have more physical space. You will be laying down, jumping and diving to the other side of the room. $599 on Amazon.

Number 3PlayStation VR – Skyrim Bundle.

Completing our TOP 3 is the PlayStation VR – Skyrim Bundle that provides an overall good VR experience because of the already popular and long running PlayStation brand. Motion tracking is lacking but provides an overall great VR experience for beginners. Some also consider the PlayStation VR headsets to be the most comfortable as well. Something to consider. $349.00 on Amazon.

Watch the below VR Call of Duty WWII video on YouTube and experience the thrill of VR technology in an awesome first person combat shooter.


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