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Two Bit Circus Entertainment Tech Theme Park of the Future

Tech NewsTwo Bit Circus entertainment tech theme park of the future is here and it’s very cool.

Two Bit Circus is a great environment for fun while also learning about engineering technology.

With a focus in fun and art, it’s no wonder that machines come to life at this fantastic extravaganza riddled with robots and computers made for fun, instead of work.

Defined as a micro-amusement park, Two Bit Circus has filled the gap between the interactive entertainment, technology and science at their Los Angeles location.

Warehouse, laboratory, chop-shop, or playground of the future.

Whatever you’d like to call Two Bit Circus is not inaccurate when you step in and admire the art of science around you, taking note of how they added the A (Art) to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to create STEAM.

Comprised of a bundle of mad scientists, the STEAM team settled into their Downtown L.A. headquarters after co-founders Eric Gradman and Brent Bushnell began collaborating on video-game and engineering to form entertainment for themselves and other like minded induviduals.

Tech News

After taking their games and inventions around the US for parties and events, then creating the STEAM carnival in order to inspire people the same way they were inspired. The duo of inventors found others along the way that enabled them to continue creating joyous attractions now based from their Los Angeles headquarters.

Possibilities are endless at Two Bit Circus, where you can wake up and smell the oil with mechanical, virtual, electronic, and physical engineering.

The menagerie of contraptions has more to offer than just a kiddie-playground, from a bar tending robot to fire engulfing dunk tanks.

The spectacle also beholds projects like tequila clouds (actual clouds that rain tequila), B-17 gunner VR simulation, Indy car simulator, and more.

One of the best traits about Two Bit Circus entertainment tech is just how interactive it is.

Each game and activity helps people understand the attraction’s mechanical and virtual functions, so that people can learn just how it’s possible to create such amazing engineering entertainment.

So what are you still doing reading?

Go on and enjoy the wonders of Two Bit Circus.


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