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UCLA Extension Discount Code

UCLA Extension Discount Code for early registration is here.

Attention all students and people looking to expand their knowledge and careers, UCLA Extension program is now in action and more affordable.

With the upcoming semester you can now enroll for courses and specializations to earn your certificate, learn more about college, or simply obtain college credits with the program’s benefits.

This news also comes with a 10% offer code EARLY that applies to most courses – ranging from arts and entertainment to science and math.

All fields of study can be found on the enrollment site, allowing to build a semester that fits your schedule of availability.

If you’ve ever been curious about different fields of studies, or wanted to expand certain skills, this is the opportunity to do so with UCLA Extension – courses available mornings, evenings, weekends, and online.

Take advantage of the open enrollment, as well, with most classes not requiring an admission decision.

The courses are even available in different locales around the Los Angeles area, and online.

Not only are there courses for fractions of the price, but there are also free information sessions held in case you’re still unsure about your decision.

Whatever your plan for your future, be sure to do yourself the favor of checking out UCLA Extension so you know how to change your future when ready.

Make sure you use discount code UCLA Extension discount code EARLY to receive a 10% off on all your courses.


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