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Veteran Owned & Designed Tac-Clamp

Between 2011-2014 while deployed to Afghanistan or training on state side missions, Founder and CEO David Burnett, a Chinook helicopter crew chief of the 160th special operations, realized a problem on the helicopter and established Tac-Clamp.

Tac-ClampWhile loading the aircraft with customers, whether Rangers, Seals, or Delta it was always the same cadence. Get on, secure your gear, and get comfy. However the whole securing your gear part is where Burnett’s Tac-Clamp was born.

Securing gear while waiting to depart was easy, only upon landing it became cumbersome to un-secure and move on with the mission. Operators, customers or passengers will secure their gear with nylon straps or a carabiner. Landing at a target compound and removing the secured gear is when the task becomes aggravating.


The Tac-Clamp alleviates this by allowing the customer to clamp virtually any surface with a fully adjustable thickness knob while also having a quick release feature to allow whatever gear was hanging or attached to it break free.

This quick release clamping solution can be used in emergency escape and evade situations, as well as safety feature applications and a host of other clamp applications.

Created durable, rugged, and long lasting the Tac-Clamp can be used to aid soldiers in the battlefield or secure a hundred thousand dollar motion picture camera to the side of your chopper without compromising quality.

Tac-Clamp with be debuting at the Cine Gear Expo Atlanta October 5 – 6, 2019 at Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Fayetteville, Georgia.

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