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VR Educational Training by VR Playhouse

VR educational training

Boutique studio VR Playhouse has launched VR educational training courses and workshops designed to attract students, artists, developers, and directors to the cutting edge industry of virtual and augmented reality.

A full service production company launched in 2014. VR Playhouse quickly became an industry powerhouse for virtual reality content by focusing exclusively on virtual and augmented realities.

They have production services and produce original content, adding an educational component will compliment their already dominant position in the virtual reality industry.

When MEGA brands like Toyota, TIME, Red Bull, Discovery and Coach go to VR Playhouse, so should you.

Since these courses and workshops are new offerings from VR Playhouse, evaluating the market demands is critical to scale properly and deliver an excellent student experience. Learn in a dynamic and hands on environment using the latest in camera and CGI technology as it relates to VR. Learn how to create and deliver VR content compatible across all platforms in an immersive and interactive way. VR Playhouse team member will be your educators with interactive groups up to 10 people where industry professionals and newbies together can learn about VR technology, development and applications.

Some of the programs offered are VR Playhouse School, 360 Video Boot Camp and 360 Audio for VR offering a variety of courses and workshops lasting a day all the way up to six weeks. Right now courses and workshops are only offered at their Glassell Park location, yes that’s Los Angeles. Online courses is on the radar. Costs vary from $275 for a day course to $2,000 for a six week all hands on deck workshop.

Students who want one on one attention from the masters of VR and Augmented Reality contact VR Playhouse. Their team is comprised of a diverse set of backgrounds from live events, animation, VFX, film making, journalism, and games. In high demand VR educational training programs are needed to advance the industry and keep studios like VR Playhouse on the forefront of this technology.

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