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VRgineers Professional VR Headset

VRgineers Professional VR Headset is here – VRHero 5K Plus.

The first VR headset with crisp, high-density 5K OLED displays and an unparalleled image quality. VRHero 5K Plus allows engineers, architects and designers to view a true-to-life virtual representation of the future physical product they are creating, portrayed with realistic details, proportions and lighting.

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The technology has applications across a wide range of industries from automotive design, pilot training, and medical procedures, to architecture, set design and building construction.

VRgineers and Leap Motion jointly announce a newly formed partnership that takes virtual reality to the next level of realism, combining true-to-life imaging in VR with natural and intuitive hand tracking interaction.

VRgineers is a virtual reality engineering company producing enterprise-grade VR headsets as an enterprise platform for engineering and design professionals. Leap Motion is the leading developer of hand-tracking technology for virtual reality and augmented reality, empowering people to experience new worlds.

“Embedding Leap Motion’s next generation hand-tracking technology directly into future VRgineers headsets will allow professional users to interact with VR applications completely naturally using their hands,” says Marek Polcak, CEO and co-founder of VRgineers. “Having this technology is especially important for us because our high-resolution headsets allow users to see 170º horizontally. Now they can move their virtual hands throughout the headset’s entire field of view without losing sight of them.”

At this year’s AWE USA 2018 taking place May 30 – June 1, a sneak peak of the future hand-tracking performance will be on display at VRLA. In addition, they are teaming with NVIDIA to bring enterprise VR to the next level.

VRgineers is currently working on bringing the next generation of its professional VR headsets to market later this year with integrated Leap Motion technology, making it the first of its kind in the world.

“VR as an enabler of totally new ways to work is a major disruptor across all industries. Our combined technology creates a new professional tool that will accelerate this revolution,” adds Martin Holecko, VRgineers co-founder. “VRgineers’ mission is to empower trailblazing professionals with cutting-edge VR technology, and together with Leap Motion we will bring enterprise VR forward to new levels.”

Since its founding in 2010, Leap Motion has become the recognized leader in motion tracking for VR and AR. Leap Motion products are used by leading technology companies, such as Qualcomm, and by industrial designers, innovation labs, and academic researchers throughout the world to integrate motion tracking into a multitude of applications – from desktop and the Internet of Things, to virtual and augmented reality.

VRgineers is presently marketing its VRHero 5K Plus headset that features double Quad HD OLED displays, each with resolution and pixel density greater than the new iPhone X Super Retina display. The resulting image is the highest level of quality and realism available, designed to go far beyond gaming.

The crisp 5K resolution and full 24bit RGB colors, together with the unique custom-built optics and 170º FOV, give the VRHero 5K Plus, according to analysts, the most true-to-life image in VR to date.

Image fidelity in VR is particularly important for professionals such as designers, engineers, medical/surgical practices, motion picture set designers, and architects. The VRHero 5K Plus allows them to see reality before it actually happens in the physical world – a virtual representation of the future product or situation portrayed down to the smallest details with realistic design details.

About Leap Motion
Leap Motion’s mission is to build a natural connection between people and technology to unlock the potential of both. The company’s unprecedented hand tracking technology is a combined suite of software and hardware, allowing users to reach into virtual and augmented reality to interact with new worlds. Leap Motion was founded in 2010. The company is privately funded and headquartered in San Francisco.

About VRgineers
VRgineers, Inc. is a virtual reality engineering company developing and manufacturing cutting-edge enterprise-grade VR gear for professionals. Their new generation high-resolution VR headset platform, the VRHero 5K, is used by clients in the automotive, architecture, industrial design, and training sectors, enabling them to transform their work using VR technology. The company is headquartered in Prague with a U.S. office in Los Angeles.


For more information contact: Liz Ammirato – – 845-621-2005

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