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Why Are So Many Schools Adopting Drones?

With Education being the sixth fastest adopter of drones by industry, 32% increase this year alone, the most important tool teachers need in the classroom isn’t a laptop or whiteboard, it’s a drone.

That’s according to data from DroneDeploy a drone mapping software with the largest drone data platform in the world—which says drones have manifold uses as teaching aids.

Here are three of the ways teachers are using drones in the classroom:

  1. Training a new generation of drone professionals
    1. Drone adoption is skyrocketing across almost every industry, meaning drones are tools students will very likely use in their future careers. Schools are developing new programs that teach students all about drone operations—preparing them with tangible, marketable skills.
  2. “Fast and the Furious”: Drone racing to teach STEM skills
    1. School clubs across the country are banding together to race drones—and students are applying STEM skills to fix mechanical problems and win races.
  3. Hanging perspective to increase engagement
    1. Teachers are giving a technological twist to standard subjects to keep students interested—from creating giant graphs on the playground to teaching students how to code.


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