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Huge CES 2018 Turn Out – Indicates Growth Wireless Charging

Big turn out for wireless charging solutions at CES 2018 – Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Increased cell phone use is driving demand in the mobile market, as seen in this year’s CES show.

Gold to wood – indestructible to designer. There is a case design and tech integration to fit your need. The transformation from charging cable to wireless charging desk ornament drives the focus on design and looks.

This is supplying consumers with endless options.

Besides wireless charging being a hit so is Wi-Charge and smart home security solutions like dojo by BullGuard.

Bezalel – a leading manufacturer of wireless charging products. Focuses on design and utilizes innovative technologies to deliver quality and affordable products. This has been the strategy for gaining market share.

Founder of Bezalel CEO Frank Wu said, “Our goal as a company is to make wireless charging accessible to everyone, have an ever-expanding line of products like the Prelude a portable wireless power bank or the Omnia 360° swivel wireless car charger and the Latitude wireless chargers for iPhones.”

Marc Smith from Bezalel sent LA Tech News a Futura X and Latitude to test. Both are slim and minimally designed units that held up excellent in the lab.

Wireless ChargingAfter 90 days of real field testing our results were outstanding.

A Futura X wireless charging system arrives in a hip and cool – well designed package that is intuitive, informative and easy to use.

The Futura X wireless charging pad and Latitude iPhone 7 case from Bezalel is simple to use with a sleek and reliable design.

The charging base and phone covers are thin and sturdy. Dropped more than a few times in the lab – no issues with durability or use. In the tech lab we never experienced any issues with software, connection points, charging plugs or units in general when testing.

Wireless Charging
Wireless ChargingBezalel’s focus on engineering and design in thin protection and self cooling is cutting edge and growing their business through design and technology. The high quality aluminum and gloss acrylics used by Bezalel in manufacturing their products is top notch and immediately noticed when you pick up your product.

Wireless ChargingThe wireless charging base is very sleek, light weight and cool. Bezalel’s attention to details on wireless capabilities, design and materials are A plus with superior quality and all Qi-certified compatible solutions.

Wireless ChargingThe Futura X wireless charging base and Latitude cover is affordable and cost effective if you are looking for a reliable wireless charging solution that is simple to use and ultra sleek and slim.

LA Tech News thanks Frank Wu Founder and CEO of Bezalel for sending both the Futura X wireless charging base and Latitude cover for testing and review.

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