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World’s Coolest Pop-to-light EDC Flashlight Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Within just 2 weeks the Kickstarter campaign for UK-based design company YSMART Design hit an incredible 3000% beyond its goal in support of their ingenious YSMART: Magnetic Quick-Release Flashlight for Everyday Carry.

This tiny, lightweight light simply pops off the base to light up your space with 100 lumen. It releases quickly and easily, and it’s perfect to add to everyday carry items.

Even though the base is super tiny, the neodymium magnets have a pulling force of 2.5 kilograms or 4.5 pounds.

The flashlight is virtually indestructible which is made of aerospace aluminium/grade 5 titanium.

YSMART has a solid track record of bringing products to market. Its first project was a magnetic base mini flashlight and successfully funded with 2338 backers, the second project was a refillable key-chain pen tool with 1978 backers. The YSMART 2.0 is their third Kickstarter of 2020, with units planned to ship in May.

"Sometimes you just need a strong light, fast," said the designer of YSMART DESIGN. "The ‘Pop-to-Light’ solution provides an extremely convenient, easy, fast way to use when you need light in a big hurry. The upgraded version is smallest, lightest, brightest, more durable, and more convenient than ever before."

YSMART 2.0 also provides a beautiful balance between minimalist style and maximum usability, in one tiny package. Just add it to a key-chain, and it’s always accessible, yet also so tiny that it’s not taking up space.

Pledges begin at £18 for aerospace aluminium flashlight or £28 for Grade 5 titanium flashlight (30% off retail price). For pledging £39, backers will receive two YSMART units in their mix pack of aluminium and titanium flashlight each. There are a number of different pledge packages available, backers are encouraged to visit:

YSMART 2.0 Technical Details

  • Aerospace Aluminium / Grade 5 Titanium Alloy
  • Extremely Bright Micro SMD LED 2.0 / 100 Lumen
  • Uses 3 Common LR41/AG3 Button Cell Batteries
  • Weight: Titanium/12g, Aluminum/8g
  • Size: 1cm x 3cm

YSMART Design is a specialist in technology/gadget for real life, YSMART Design is on a mission to create products to save time, hassle and money. YSMART was established by a small London team who are passionate about bringing cool, sleek technology/gadget ideas to life, as well as striving to inspire others and foster an exploratory mindset.

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