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Your Style Unzipped Drives Online Shoppers Into Brick And Mortar With A Groundbreaking Platform

Innovative industry newcomer set to launch a tool that bridges the gap between online convenience and in-store consumer experience.

Retail technology start-up Your Style Unzipped, abbreviated as YSU, has announced the test launch of their highly anticipated platform + mobile app ZipShop, beginning Fall 2018.

The initial release will focus on six geographic locations including:

  • Nashville
  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • Atlanta
  • Santa Monica
  • Soho – NYC

Through its combined platform, YSU delivers a 360-degree experience that closes the gap between an online point of discovery and the in-store point of sale.

The ZipShop App utilizes innovative GPS technology that enables users to browse content and discover items available in-store by zip code or desired location.

“The entire platform is built for the ultimate customer to retailer experience,” says founder Susan Bruch. “Shoppers have changed,” she goes on to add, “Millennials and Gen Z’s use their device as a means to shop online, yet they want the option to walk into a store, try the item on, and decide whether to make the purchase, all with instant gratification. It leads to purposeful shopping, which is different from that which the online experience can deliver on its own.”

ZipShop goes a step further in the in-store experience by offering users the opportunity to ‘hold an item’, purchase for in-store pick up, and depending on availability, arrange for delivery.

With an array of branded video and editorial content showcasing items that can be purchased and retrieved on-demand, YSU drives traffic back into physical stores and converts browsing into sales in a way that does not yet exist.

“In today’s retail industry, organizations of all types are continuing to have to balance traditional competitive positioning variables with market disruption from consolidators, emerging technology channels and purchase process innovation in determining the optimal customer engagement strategy,” said Andrew Farrell, Vice President of Product Development for ZipShop. “With the introduction of more consolidator channels (such as Amazon), and more distribution services (such as delivery), however, both consumer expectations and by consequence consumer behavior have drastically adjusted perception of traditional retail organization positioning. Zipshop allows retail organizations to focus on taking a unique approach to embracing emerging and mobile technology innovation and disruptive processes, one that leverages their unique positioning in the market and takes advantage of their traditional consumer engagement strategies.”

The brand is dedicated to changing the conversation and the outcome by serving both retailer and consumer simultaneously.

On-boarding events are happening now in the above cities.


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